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Killer Buyer Seminar Funnel

January 10, 20243 min read

Dana spent $231 and generated 9 HIGH quality leads, 4 of which will most likely close to generate $45,000 in GCI.

It never ceases to amaze me how much money agents will throw at Zillow,, or fancy CRM’s hoping to be flooded with high quality leads when what they really need to do is learn to be marketers. This is the WHOLE concept of GAMIFY Epic Leads. When you learn how to play the game, what moves to make, the things necessary to move that GCI needle up, IT BECOMES FUN!!

One of my favorite people of all time Dana Pollard made this funnel with great success and I wanted to break it down for you all. What is entirely different about the leads Dana generated here are THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM HER! That’s right, these aren’t ‘why are you calling me I’m at work?!?’ leads… These are ‘can you help me buy a house?’ leads. Specifically, Dana ran this ad for a Home Buyer Seminar.

Let’s start with the cliff notes of this funnel. Ads were run on Facebook and Instagram targeting local people, here were the results...

Ad Spend                     $231.16
Leads Generated         37
CPL                              $6.25
Seminar Attendees     9
Attendee CPL              $25.68

Gary Keller Marketing

In summary Dana had 9 people show up and go through her online buyer seminar. Seminars are POWERFUL ways of building rapport.  If you are unsure of how to put on a great Buyer Seminar or Seller Seminar, reach out to us! We go over this regularly for free!

The average commission in Dana’s area in Dallas is around $11,000, so she generated potentially $99,000 in GCI! 4 of which look very probable to close.


While it’s unlikely all 9 will buy, I hope you are starting to see the massive potential here. Even if it’s 1 or 2 that buy.

Would you trade $231.16 for an $11,000 closing??

 Let's get tactical and see EXACTLY how to build this in your business! 👊

So let’s break this down, so if you choose, you could implement this in your business TODAY.

It starts off with the ads on Facebook and Instagram. My clients have found lately that carousel ads are out performing video ads (which wasn’t the case a few months ago). Here are the screen shots of her ads…

Real Estate Buyer Lead Ads, Gamify Real Estate

Now I know what some of you are thinking! You need a rocket surgery degree to run effective ads on different platforms. Gamify has got you EPICALLY covered on this! If you are a member of our Gamify Epic Leads Program we have a LEGIT Ai Ads program that will make running ads a cinch and bring down your cost, like a LOT.

Dana then sent them to her Buyer Seminar Funnel. With my own ads I run I have found that when you use the Faceboof form, which pops up right after they click on the ad, you have a higher conversion rate. When it comes to a seminar however I have found when they click on the ad, visit the funnel and then fill out the form your seminar attendance is much higher.

Buyer Seminar Funnel

Now if you like this funnel and you are a member of our Gamify Epic Leads System you can install our version of the Seminar Funnel right into your profile, no website building experience necessary!


There you have it, while the other agents are fighting over those Zillow leads or barf high referral fee leads… You can be drowning in HIGH quality leads that WANT TO TALK TO YOU!


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Zach Wendt

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