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Starting a Real Estate Vlog on a Budget in 2022

May 19, 20226 min read

Hey, it's Bear.

I’m an avid tech-head.

I dive in hard on learning the gear I have, mastering it, then using it whenever I have the chance.

It’s probably a gift of my ADHD-I, and I will embrace it because it’s done me well through the years.

I have been asked by a few people who want to start a Vlog in 2022 and don’t know where to start for my opinion on gear and resources to help get started.

It’s a loaded question for a tech-head, thanking God I am also a frugal person.

So, first things first – what the heck is a “Vlog”?

A vlog piggybacks on the word blog that became popular in the early 2000’s, where people would create a journal online, allowing others into a sneak peak of their lives, thoughts, humor, emotions… the list is endless AND there is a reason it took off.

To blog is to allow others a glimpse of who we really are.

It didn’t take long for people with the entrepreneurial spirit to take this and run with it, creating blogs to help others, grow their own brands through human connection.

And then the search engines decided that it was a good idea to start making blogs searchable and then life changed for many. To rank online you have to produce content that’s new, fresh, and authentic.

Once Google bought out Youtube, Vlogging, that was just catching on, grew at such levels that they say more content is made today that ever. Something crazy like every minute the content and information triples – it’s insane.

Why should you Vlog?

It’s the easiest way to get people who don’t know you, to like you and trust you. It’s because when you, as a person and business owner, put yourself out there – you’re building your brand.

And people are now engrained to trust brands.

Most people call their nose wiping tissue paper “Kleenex” because the brand is what we trust.

If you want your brand to grow, video is probably the fastest mostly free way to do it in 2022.

What’s the biggest obstacle with vlogging?

Time and commitment.

This isn’t a one-and-done deal. This is time on task over time to see the results you are hoping for.

It’s also learning a little bit of SEO, tagging, and creating great thumbnails – which I will go over in this write-up and in future write-ups too.

Jeremy, where’s your vlog?

That’s the reason why I am writing this, to save you time and research that I have already done.

The joy of being the tech head is that I run other people’s vlogs and learn from their growth and learning opportunities.

And, I don’t have one, yet. It’s coming.

Also, 100% transparency, see the previous question and answer. I am ruled by my calendar and find that the times I should be vlogging, I am surrounded by my family, eating dinner, doing homework, and that’s where, in this time of my life, I know I am supposed to be.

Alright, enough jibber-jabber, what equipment do I need?

Okay, okay, okay.

Barebones, most frugal vlogging kit:

  • A phone.

  • An editing app (iMovie or Filmora Go)

  • A Gmail account.

  • Ideas / Content to film

That’s all you need. If you keep the model of your phone up to date, so it shoots at least 1080p, you’re set.

You need a Gmail account because YouTube (the second biggest search engine in the world) is owned by Google and you automatically have a channel when you have a Gmail account, you just have to let Google know that you want it and they turn it on. How nice of them, right?

The last one is what gets most people. Content and ideas.

A good vlogger should plan on 3 videos or post on the Tube a week.  That’s where most people get off the wagon, because it dictates a lot of your free time (see me raising my hand here).

A lot of people say to themselves “So, what should I vlog about?”

And I think that’s the wrong approach. I think we have to think with the end in mind and that’s that we want to communicate and connect with OTHERS so they are attracted to our brand.

Let’s approach it like this: “What do I know a lot of that I could help others learn about too?”

  • Know you’re town? Great! Tell me about it!

  • Tell me the best kept secrets in your town. The café that serves the best Chi tea I have had in my life because they throw a little black pepper on top to spice it up.

  • Tell me about the park that has the ultimate playground I can take my kids to.

  • Tell me about the schools, I really want an interview with that principal to see if I like ‘em or not.

  • Tell me about where people my age hang out, or what cool clubs you know of that need more people like me.

  • Oh, tell me about how the market is doing at a 5th-grade level so I feel comfortable buying a home with you.

If you get a list out and start writing down the things you know about your town, you’ll have a list as long as your leg in a matter of minutes.

There’s your content.

Okay, but how do I get my channel to look awesome?

Oh easy, Just start searching for "YouTube" and you’ll find pre-created templates that you can start plugging into for free. Channel artwork, thumbnails (which are huge when it comes to drawing attention to your videos), and more. They even have some slick video templates you could plug your footage into.

Be sure to check with your Broker to know what information you're legally obligated to put on your artwork. Each state varies and I don't want you calling me if you got in trouble with the ethics board.

I want to step up my game, tell me what other equipment I should buy.

If money is burning a hole in your pocket, I am a fan of the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 Creator Combo.

In fact, it’s my new favorite camera outside of the one that’s always in my pocket.

I can fit it in my computer bag.

The video is 4K and amazing.

It's what I shoot a majority of the videos with Coach Z on, which includes the Green Screen footage.

It has a wireless mic, so the audio sounds great.

It has a small tripod that I can set anywhere, and I have an app on my phone that I can get the shot ready, have the camera track me (or my subject), and then boom, I am ready to rock and roll.

The mobile app will help you edit videos too.

So that’s it for starting a Vlog in 2022, my next post will dive in a little deeper on ways to improve your SEO (AKA Google Juice) for you channel and uploads. It may even include a video tutorial to help you follow a long a little better… but don’t be surprised if you don’t see my epic beard on screen. I am still working on my tan, so you don’t get the glaring blare from my bald head.

Until next time, have fun shooting video now that you have a plan. I will keep you updated on the tools I use along the way too.

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